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Archive for Januari 2013

Welcome back!

Kamis, 10 Januari 2013 04.55

Hey guys.
it's been a long time since the last time i was blogging, men it was 20 January 2012. so looongggggg hahaha
first, i wanna say hello! Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013.

well, after had moved to Bandung, please guess where am i now? 
i'm at Semarang, i and my family had moved from Bandung at mid last year
and it's almost my 16th birthday. 13 days to go, and i'm still excited! though i'm going older hahaha
so, i'm grade 10 now. 
new friends, new teachers, new school, new canteens, new uniforms 
i'm a part of YSKI SHS, and i'm proud with that! :D

i was doing my novel last year, its Found The Cello, but cause an accident that happened maybe 2 months a go, my laptop was serviced then all of my documents were missing. i hate a moment like that, it felt like i lost my memories. damn huh-___-
and then a week a go, my english teacher gave me a project, it was a real drama, so we have to make a real drama with costumes, some videos, musics and many more. then, when i was talking about that with my group in the school, i remembered that i had written a novel, AmandAnabell which wasn't continued by me cause i felt annoyed by my own written. hahaha i had no idea ;p 
because of that, i remembered my blog then i opened this, and suddenly wanna write a post hahaha

oke, maybe that's all. 
thankyou for visiting my blog, which is freak, weird, absurd, 'alay', ewww cannot be compared with any great blogger.
best regards, from me, from my deepest heart